Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the contract for the rental use of hotel rooms for lodging and other services provided for the customer by our Bed-and-Breakfast Guest House Hotel Bauer.
Subletting or rental out of the hotel rooms to third parties or any other use than accommodation are subject to prior written consent by the Hotel Bauer.

2. Conclusion of Lodging Agreement

The current price list containing all individual services and outlined services is valid, subject to alteration.
Conclusion of lodging agreement is entered upon by accepting the booking request by Hotel Bauer.
Bookings and reservations can be made in either written or verbal form, by telephonic statement or other implied implication. It is at the Hotel Bauer’s' discretion to hand out written booking confirmation.
Contract parties are the Bed-and-breakfast Hotel Bauer and the customer. Bookings placed by third parties on behalf of a customer are subject to joint debtor’s liability, provided that the hotel has a corresponding declaration to that effect from the third party.

3. Booking
The Lodging Agreement Contract is concluded upon acceptance of a customers’ booking request by Hotel Bauer. It is binding on both parties. Hotel rooms, which have been booked, but not paid yet, are made available to the customer until 6:00 pm on the scheduled date of arrival, unless later arrival has been agreed upon. The bed-and-breakfast Hotel Bauer reserves the right to book other guests in the room without prior consultation after reservation is expired.

4. Services and Rates
The Hotel Bauer commits to keep the booked room available to the customer and to provide the booked services. The customer is contractually obliged to pay the agreed rates for accommodation and services, as well as fees for optional services. Other fees, which the Hotel Bauer has to pre-pay to third parties on behalf of the customer, have to be reimbursed by the customer. All rates include VAT. An elapsed time between the date of lodging agreement contract conclusion and the effective date of performance of more than 4 months may result in a rise of the agreed contractual rates, should a general increase in rates have been effected in the meantime. The raise is limited to 5% of the rates.
Provided, the Hotel Bauer agrees, prices may be altered likewise, if the customer prefers changes with regard to the number of the booked rooms, the booked services or the duration of stay.

5. Terms of Payment
Bills are subject to immediate settlement upon receipt, in cash, no deductions.
Bills higher than EUR 250.00 and/or stays, which exceed a six-day limit, require payment installments.
Invoices are subject to prior written consent of the Hotel Bauer. Hotel invoices without due date are payable in full within 10 days of receipt. The Hotel Bauer is entitled to declare at any time its accrued receivables to be due. In the event of default in payment, the customer shall pay the Hotel Bauer interest at an annual rate of 8% points above the base rate. Alternatively, in case of legal transactions involving consumers, 5% points above the base rate. The Hotel Bauer reserves the right to prove higher damages.

6. Cancellation Policy, Cancellation fees, Non-Utilization
Cancellation policies may vary depending on the rate or dates of your reservation. The following lump sums are applicable in the event of cancellation and non-utilization of services.
- No charge for cancellations reported duly 7 days before any booked services are provided, unless agreed otherwise
- Cancellation between the 7th and 3rd day before provision of booked services: 80% of the rate for the booked services
- Cancellation within 48 hours before provision of booked services: 100% of the rate for booked services.
Immediate re-rental of the canceled room will lower the cancellation fee equivalently. Partial cancellation of room booking and/ or services does not waive the cancellation fees in total. Cancelled items are subject to equivalent cancellation fee, see above. Booked, however not used services without prior cancellation will be charged according to our cancellation policy.

7. Provision of rooms, -handover and -return
You have no claim to a specific room.
Booked rooms are available from 1:00 pm at the check-in-date, when agreed upon.
Please return the room by 10:30 am on the date of your departure.

8. Liability
The liability of our bed-and-breakfast Guest House Hotel Bauer is governed by §§ 701 – 704 of the German Civil Code (GCC). Liability owed to other reasons is not assumed, except for cases of grossly willful damage on part of the Hotel Bauer, its' legal representatives or its' agents.

9. Other Terms
a) This is a non-smoking hotel. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in indoor and public outdoor areas, except for the designated outdoor smoking areas. In case of violation, we may ask for compensation up to 100 Euro. This amount is to cover possible cleaning fees and turnover loss in light of impossible re-rental. Compensation may be either raised or lowered when proved accordingly by either the hotel or the customer.
b) For all terms and provisions and the entire legal relationship between the Bed-and-Breakfast Guest House Hotel Bauer and our customers the law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.
c) Court of Jurisdiction is the local District Court.

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